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SoundQubed Car Audio QS-6.5 6.5″ Component Speaker Set w/ Tweeters & Crossovers Car Audio

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SoundQubed 6.5″ Component Speaker Set w/ Tweeters & Crossovers Car Audio QS-6.5

This listing includes :
(1) 6.5″ Midwoofer
(1) 25mm Silk Dome Tweeter
(1) External Crossover

Your car stereo is a unique extension of your personality and no one-size-fits-all install will appease your high fidelity desire.

Component speaker systems are the way to go when faithful audio reproduction is your priority. This may require making some minor changes to the inside of your vehicle, like door panels A Pillars and Sail Pillars.

These changes will be well worth the time and energy to upgrade from factory coaxial speakers to a two-way car audio system.

Your QS-6.5 Component Set is engineered with audiophile quality enhancements. The 6.5? drivers utilize copper capped pole piece shorting ring motors and dual slit coil formers, soft rubber dustcap, rubber surround and coated paper cone. The 25mm silk dome tweeter is in a machined, billet aluminum housing with screw down clamping rings.The CS comps have everything you need to balance a bass heavy substage with high quality middle range and treble.

Component sets include separate drivers so you can determine the best locations for tweeter and midwoofer performance. Dedicated tweeters handle the delicacies of high frequencies.

High range frequencies are more directional than bass tones. So it?s important to have these facing your ear, while keeping them as close to the woofer as possible. This way, the sounds still reach your ears at the same time.

Your stock woofers or coaxial speakers are probably mounted in the door and when your woofers are free from the physical interference from tweeters, creating a clean foundation for detailed highs.

External crossovers direct the appropriate frequencies to the right drivers. Without a crossover, there would be a traffic jam of signals, with your woofer and tweeter trying to play full ranged signals. This can result in a fatal pileup of signals, where tweeters are helplessly destroyed by a rogue bass line, trucking through the wrong audio lane.

When you install your new QS-6.5 Set, you’ll get an external, 12dB/oct crossover, which is a small network of coils and capacitors that you?ll want to install as close to your speakers as possible.

Crossovers are easy to install and set up: Your amplifier sends a full range signal, which the crossover separates into two signals, with the low notes going to the woofer and high notes sent to the tweeter.

The resulting tonal clarity from tweeters and woofers staying in their lanes and performing as designed is a good sounding car audio system. Instrumentation will shine, vocals will resonate with power. The desired warmth, volume, and timbre of your music will sound good!

If you?re a serious basshead, install your drivers facing away from the listener to enjoy off-axis response. This install may be more work than swapping out stock factory coaxials but the sound quality trade off is palpable, to say the least.

Installing the SoundQubed QS-6.5 Component Set requires 2.46? mounting depth and 5.59? cut out for the mid level component and .51? of mounting depth and 1.73? of cutout for the included tweeter.

Need a glassy smooth midrange and crystal clear highs? The SoundQubed QS-6.5 Component Set is capable of faithful frequency reproduction between 45Hz and 22kHz and hits a 300 Watt Peak, with a 75 Watt RMS.

For the ultimate in car audio experiences, add a Q4-150 Class A/B multiple channel amplifier to power one or two sets of the QS-6.5!


– RMS Power Handling : 75 Watts
– Peak Power Handling : 300 Watts
– Voice Coil Diameter : 25mm HiTemp
– Mid Driver Material : Poly Cone / Rubber Surround
– Tweeter : 25mm Silk Dome
– Frequency Response : 45Hz-22khz
– Mid Driver Mounting Depth : 2.46 In/ 62.5 mm
– Mid Driver Cut Out : 5.59 In/ 142
– Tweeter Mounting Depth : .51 In/ 13 mm
– Tweeter Cut Out Diameter : 1.73 In/ 44 mm


– 16 – 10 – 3
– 7 lbs

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions16 × 10 × 3 in

SoundQubed Car Audio QS-6.5 6.5″ Component Speaker Set w/ Tweeters & Crossovers Car Audio