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Synergy Audio WFO-HDT-25 Pair


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The WFO HDT-25″ – 50w RMS Titanium Tweeter is the answer to the perfect tweeter. The HDT-25 can be used in multiples in a Pro Audio door setup for those who love to do distance tests or Actively crossed over and be used as an SQ tweeter in a high sound quality setup.

Over 2 years in research, design and prototyping to come up with what we think is a well rounded high frequency solution. If you’re looking for a lightweight, efficient, tonal accurate tweeter then you’ve found it here.

Do yourself and your ears a favor and demand the Synergy Audio HDT-25 Tweeter for your next install.

WFO HDT-25 T/S Info

Featuring a proprietary injected plastic custom tooled horn flare and body for increased sensitivity and dispersion.
Synergy Audio logo molded into mounting flange
Powerful lightweight neodymium motor structure
25mm titanium dome with half roll silk surround
Acoustically transparent protective grill
Spring loaded speaker connectors for ease of installation
50 watts rms with supplied polypropylene capacitor
4 ohm impedance
Designed and engineered in the USA

WFO HDT-25 T/S Specifications

Re= 3.2 ohm
Fs= 1.95K hz
Qms = 1.813
Qes = 3.171
Qts = 1.154
SPL = 96db 1w/1m

WFO HDT-25 Installation Specifications

94mm flange diameter
58mm cut out diameter
34.5mm mounting depth

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 6 in

Synergy Audio WFO-HDT-25 Pair