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SoundQubed HDS2-06 Subwoofer

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The Heavy Duty Street 2 Series 600W Subwoofer improves on its predecessor in terms of build, sound quality, heat dispersion, and frequency response. The 8, 10, 12, or 15-inch models are available with dual 2 or 4-ohm voice coil.

Note: Because of its smaller form factor, the 6.5-inch version specifications vary from the rest of the series. Power handling of the 6.5-inch HDS206 is 350W RMS and 1000 peak. See the specifications tab for full details.

The HDS2 series is an affordable option for your daily-driver car audio system build. First, choose a sealed, ported, or band-pass enclosure. Once you decide on an enclosure option, pair your sub(s) with the appropriate S Series monoblock amp. From there, enjoy easy wiring thanks to 10 AWG push terminals (14 AWG direct leads in the 6.5 and 8-inch models). Soon you’ll be on your way to a dramatically enhanced listening experience.

As with any SoundQubed subwoofer, proper break-in is key to enjoying long life from your HDS2.2. Make sure you follow the steps to loosen up the suspension before pushing these subs to the limit.

The HDS2 600W Subwoofer

The oversized double magnet in the HDS2 is provides consistently high output levels at 600 Watts RMS. The vented, electroplated back plate lets heat flow away from the coil. As a result, you’ll be less likely to burn your subwoofer’s voice coils.

The HDS2 series uses a 2.5-inch diameter, four-layer, copper dual voice coil with a conical back plate for longer travel. High-temperature adhesives and high quality coil wire guarantee reliable long-term performance and a healthy level of bass!

The HDS2 series feature cast aluminum frames. This upgrade provides better heat sinking and increased excursion over stamped-steel baskets. A softer three-piece spider system achieves enhanced performance and lower tuning.

An Extended Range of Motion (EROM) surround profile keeps your cone diameter as large as possible while allowing for long, controlled excursion. The EROM profile gives you more cone area, greater stiffness, and lower mass for more accurate coil signal response. The HDS2 has a non-pressed, fiber added cone for maximum rigidity and long life.


RMS Power350 W600 W600 W600 W600 W
Peak Power1000 W1200 W1200 W1200 W1200 W
Magnet Weight60 Oz100 Oz100 Oz100 Oz100 Oz
Coil Diameter2″2.5″2.5″2.5″2.5″
Coil Length28 mm36 mm40 mm40 mm40 mm
Woofer Size6.5″8″10″12″15″
F(s)45.39 Hz44.41 Hz33.6530.9526.92
ImpedanceD2 / D4D2 / D4D2 / D4D2 / D4D2 / D4
Z(max)33.8138.77 Ω65.6559.14 Ω56.79
V(as)3.264 L5.319 L17.43 L45.57 L100 L
L(e)1.498 mH5.394 mH5.7456.079 mH6.473
n(0)0.05%0.07673 %0.15860.3046 %0.3058
M(ms)93.7143.8 grams201.7209.2 grams333.1
C(ms)0.1310.089 mm/N0.1110.126 mm/N0.105
Sensitivity 1W/1m79.3280.9584.186.9486.95
Mounting Depth4.125″5.5″6.75″6.75″7.44″
Circle Cutout6.06257.5″9.31″11.25″13.875″
Sealed Enclosure (Cu Ft):.25-.5 FT³.35-.75 Ft³.5-1.0 FT³.75-1.5 FT³1.75-2.75 FT³
Ported Enclosure (Cu Ft):.25-75 Ft³.75-1.25 FT³.75-1.25 FT³1-1.75 FT³3-6 FT³



Additional information

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 9 in
Ohm Load

D2, D4

SoundQubed HDS2-06 Subwoofer