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SoundQubed 1600 Watts F4-1600 Full Bridge 4 Channel Amplifier




Soundqubed had a large focus in 2023, to re-design a full bridge series, that fit what we are looking for with all the new technology available. Soundqubed is making fast moves of providing high-output capable mids and subwoofers, that needed an affordable option for an amplifier to feed them the power they desire. That is EXACTLY where these full bridge amplifiers come into play. With a total of 6 BRAND NEW DESIGN full bridge amplifiers; surely there is something capable to provide to your needs. It all begins with a 1600 watt 4 channel and expands up to a 12,000 Watt MONSTER of an amplifier, that is there for your ground pounding subwoofers! All models included are as follows, F4-1600, F4-4400, F1-3000, F1-5000, F1-7500, and F1-12000.


Although the F4-1600 is the beginning of this series, it still has great power with options such as 10x crossover frequency multiplier. With total measurments being, 9.13″ L x 8.46″ W x 2.28″ T. This amplifier packs a punch in a small platform. Frequency capability range goes from 10Hz to 20kHz.

RMS power @ 4 ohms = 4 x 250Watts

RMS power @ 2 ohms = 4 x 400Watts

RMS power @ 4 ohms Bridged 2 x 800 watts.


SoundQubed 1600 Watts F4-1600 Full Bridge 4 Channel Amplifier