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Bolt Down Battery Terminals – Lug Style



The ILL Customz Bolt Down Battery Terminals are made for batteries that have bolt terminals on the top or side.

Whether it’s a stock battery, aftermarket audio battery like XS Power or Full Throttle, or an off-road racing battery, the Ill Customz bolt down battery terminals are the perfect match for your needs.

Comes in pairs (one positive, one negative)

Made from Nickel Plated 6061 aluminum for added corrosion resistance

3/8″ mounting hole

3/8″ bolts


ONLY WORKS WITH THREADED STUD OR BOLT DOWN STYLE BATTERIES INCLUDING (Side Post, Full Throttle, XS Power, Kinetik, Juicebox, Northstar, Shuriken, and many more)

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# Of Lugs

4, 6, 8

Bolt Down Battery Terminals – Lug Style