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American Bass 0 Gauge Amplifier Kit




The American Bass 1/0 Gauge Amplifier Kit – is the ultimate solution for all your high-performance car audio system installation needs. Our comprehensive kit includes everything you need to connect your amplifier with ease, ensuring exceptional performance and unparalleled sound quality.

Key Features:

  • 17ft 1/0AWG Flexible Power Cable: Made from top-quality copper, this 17-foot long, power cable is designed to provide maximum conductivity and flexibility. It’s perfect for seamless installation and guarantees a consistent power supply to your high-powered amplifier.
  • 3ft 1/0AWG Flexible Ground Cable: Our premium 3-foot ground cable is designed to establish a stable connection to your vehicle’s chassis. The 1/0AWG thickness ensures a dependable grounding for your amplifier, which is crucial for optimal performance and safety.
  • 25ft 12 AWG Flexible Speaker Cable: This 25-foot long speaker cable allows for easy identification during installation. The 12 AWG thickness offers the perfect balance between power handling and flexibility, ensuring your speakers receive the power they need without any signal loss.
  • 17ft Deluxe RCA Interconnect: The included 17-foot deluxe RCA interconnect provides a secure and noise-free connection between your amplifier and head unit. The high-quality construction minimizes interference, ensuring crystal clear sound quality.
  • 17ft 18AWG Remote Wire: Our 17-foot 18AWG remote wire is designed to connect your amplifier’s remote turn-on lead to your head unit. This wire is essential for automatically powering your amplifier on and off with your car’s ignition.
  • Gold Plated ANL Fuse Holder with 250AMP Fuse: The gold plated ANL fuse holder not only adds a touch of style but also provides superior conductivity and corrosion resistance. The included 250AMP fuse offers excellent protection for your high-performance amplifier, ensuring its safety and longevity.

American Bass 0 Gauge Amplifier Kit