AKXP8-1 8ga Amp Kit – Blue/Black



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XS Power AKXP8-1 8ga Amp Kit is the HIGHEST QUALITY car audio cable on the market. This is 8 gauge high quality CCA wire. This is THE BEST cable you can purchase for the price. It’s oversized cable to give you more cable for the price. This is copper clad aluminum cable and is the best audio wire you can purchase for the price. All of our wire use Ultra flexible PVC to make it easier to run and hide throughout your vehicle.

XS Power AKXP8-1 8ga Amp Kit Contents:

  • 1qty – 17ft 8AWG XPFLEX BL Cable
  • 1qty – 3ft 8AWG XPFLEX BK Ground Cable
  • 1qty – 17ft 18G BL Remote Cable
  • 1qty – 17ft 16G Clear Speaker Wire
  • 1qty – 17ft High Grade Twisted Pair RCA Cables
  • 1qty – ANL Fuse Holder
  • 1qty – 60A AGU Fuse
  • 2qty – Plaite Braid Tube in BK
  • 2qty – 8AWG Ring Terminal/Seamless/BL
  • 2qty – 8AWG Spade Terminal/BK
  • 2qty – 16G Spade Terminals/BK
  • 3qty – 16G Spade Terminals/BL
  • 1qty – 1/2″ Firewall Grommet

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions7.75 × 10 × 2.25 in